The work below was created and submitted by
current and former PPE students

Stipend and Funding Requests

Stipend Rules

$1000 stipend spread over the next 3 years (not $1000 per year)

Intended for Books, Travel, and Group Events

  1. Books must be PPE Related
  2. Will reimburse for Books for Gov, Econ or Phil elective courses 
  3. Will not reimburse for non-PPE books such as Math or Spanish 
  4. Will reimburse for book rentals
  1. All Travel must be pre-approved
  2. Travel form must be filled out and signed by a PPE Prof.
  3. Will not reimburse for travel after you have traveled
  4. Acceptable travel must be directly related to your work in PPE
  5. We will provide you with a travel advance before you travel.
  6. Travel forms must be turned in at least three weeks before travel.
Group Events
  1. No Alcohol
  2. Events must be pre-approved by the PPE Chair or administrative
  3. Reimbursement for events – Only one receipt for group event
  4. Need to submit an attendance list with receipt.
  • Do not highlight receipts, the ink in highlights eats the ink on receipt
  • Must submit original receipts, for Amazon or other online purchases print and bring to the administration office or a readable PDF copy with full details is acceptable
  • Receipts must be submitted within 30 days of purchase, this is accordance of the IRS policy
  • No Computer/Tablets or other electronics.

Feel free to email Anastasia Garcia at for your stipend balance or if you have other questions before your purchase

How to Submit a Stipend Request

  1. For online purchases, obtain a pdf of the invoice. For in-person purchases, retain the receipt.
  2. Submit the receipt or invoice below. Alternatively, email Anastasia Garcia at with the receipt/invoice attached.
  3. In 1-2 weeks a check with the reimbursed amount will be deposited in your mailbox.