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Philosophy, Politics, & Economics
at Claremont McKenna College

The Tutorial Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Claremont McKenna College is a specially designed, enrollment-limited, interdisciplinary major. It is adapted from a similar program at Oxford University and makes use of small seminars and tutorials to encourage students to develop their expository skills.

The core of the PPE major is the three seminar-tutorial double courses, one in each of the three disciplines of the program. In these double courses, students typically participate in a weekly class seminar together with a weekly tutorial in which papers are read and discussed under the supervision of one of CMC’s senior professors.

Participating students are designated as either Edward J. Sexton or Akshata Murty Fellows, in recognition of major endowment gifts to support the program, and receive a small grant for educational expenses. Students apply for acceptance into the program in the fall of their sophomore year and usually start the program in the spring semester of the sophomore year.

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